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Monday, May 24, 2010

Position of the Week: Agnistambhasana (Fire Log)

Benefits: This pose is extremely helpful to strecth out your hips and groin.  It also simulates your abdominal organs.  If you're feeling stressed, sit in this pose for a few moments.

Vinny and I spent a wonderful day together.  He has recently started a new training program, and was showing me some of the exercises he does to open up his hip flexors.  Sometimes, nothing feels better than stretching out those hips that too often are left feeling forgotten about.  So as I was skimming through my brain's dictionary of asanas to find the perfect one for today, one thing was clear: I was in a hip-opener kind of feeling.   This is when today's POTW dawned on me: Fire Log Pose.  On top of falling into the hip opener category, I just came back from camping.  Camping - Fire's just too perfect.

Though it can be slightly challenging for some if your hips aren't very flexible, it is a seated pose that you can practice anywhere, at anytime, alowing your hips to slowly begin to ease into the asana more easily.  You become so concentrated on your breath, and will feel your torso rising.  When you come out of it, it's as though your body feels longer, and your hips are as limber as linguini!  Relax, have a seat, and let Fire Log ignite your own little fire within.

Lady Lotus

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